Nature exploring & movie making in English

Photo-sport Camp Prevorje 20.7.- 27.7.2024

The ultimate vlog

Dates:  20th July – 27th July 2024 (8 days)

Age: 10 to 15

Languages: English with a native speaker, Slovenian, German (optional)

Location: POŠ Prevorje (Prevorje Primary School), Lopaca 3, Prevorje, Kozjansko, Slovenia

Accommodation: in sleeping bags, in a modern gym, at a new primary school in Prevorje (with separate showers for boys and girls).

Program: International language camp for children during summer holidays with an English native speaker where children are involved in a number of thematic workshops, connected to photography, vlogging and film making, and different sport activities. The camp will be carried out in English. Foreign children also have the opportunity to learn Slovenian or German.


  • Learning photography techniques – macro and micro photography, landscape photography, night photography, photography while moving etc.;
  • Analysis of the photos and best photo contest;
  • Preparing a screenplay and making a film;
  • Preparing and filming vlogs to be published daily;
  • Observing the stars with a telescope;
  • Walking through Guzaj’s walking path and visiting the old mill;
  • Feeding the fallow deer and horseback riding;
  • Visiting a farm: grass mowing and hay raking, feeding animals;
  • Sleeping on hay in a barn;
  • A number of sport activities (tennis, rollerblading, football, volleyball etc.);
  • Socialising around the campfire etc.

                                       Fun without limits!

Children are treated comprehensively and individually.

Children with special needs and diets are catered for.

Make reservations as soon as possible. The maximum number of children at the camp is 16.

The maximum number of participants is 16. The children are supervised 24-hours a day by 3 counsellors and teachers. Children are divided into groups of 7-8 participants. Workshops are planned appropriately according to the children’s age and their prior knowledge.

Learning English is based on the CLIL method – learning through all kinds of activities at the camp with emphasis on LEARNING FOR LIFE. Children acquire language knowledge which is then reinforced through activities: guided photography and film making, songs, dialogues, plays, stories in the foreign language, etc. The program is constantly adapted according to the weather and group dynamics.

Impressions from the Photo-Sport Camp in Prevorje in 2023

International language summer camps for children


Why we are the right choice?


In 16 years we have already carried out 70 camps, where children and teachers from all over the world took part in. The camps are multilingual and learning English is based on the CLIL method (learning through activities). Children form long lasting friendships and have been coming back to our camps for years.


The maximum number of children at the camp is 15 and for this reason the teachers and animators can fully dedicate themselves to each child. The content and the activities are planned according to the children’s prior knowledge, their age and group dynamics. Children with diets and special needs are catered for.


The teachers and animators at our camps are carefully chosen. They have experience with children and know how to listen to them, and how to bring foreign languages closer to children in an interesting and fun way. The children learn the languages for life, because they use the language in a number of activities in the nature.

Who are we?



We are a group of enthusiastic individuals who love to work with children and for them. We are passionately committed to languages and we know how to bring them closer to children in a fun and interesting way. The nature presents great joy to all of us and for this reason the summer language camps for children in the countryside in the intact nature are perfect for us. Individually and collectively we are excited to be around these young adventurers and we are delighted immensely when we see them happy and content. Every day we are excited for them and with them when they get closer on their path to new knowledge.more


At our camps we develop the adventurous spirit, the true contact with the nature and we form long lasting friendships, also with the help of languages. Through all kinds of activities the languages tend to find their way to get under our skin on their own and they connect us.

Our programme of countryside activities:

  • Get to know Slovenian country traditions and life on a farm
  • Explore forest, streams and meadows
  • Become international and multilingual: learn and improve languages such as Slovene, English, German, Spanish or Russian
  • Visit a farm, milk a cow and get to know the farm animals
  • Ride a horse and feed the fellow deer
  • Meet the outlow Guzaj of Kozjansko (
  • Visit the Lakes of Lovrenc (Lovrenška jezera)
  • Be creative and make things with materials from nature (wool, hay, wood, seeds, etc.)
  • Learn about photography and making a movie & then go ahead and do it yourself!
  • Visit a bee hive and an old forge
  • Be active and practise different sports (tennis, football, volleyball, climbing, lawn bowling, walking with stilts etc)
  • Do archery and practice yoga in nature
  • Pick and identify wild herbs and the fruits of nature
  • Swim & play water games in Rogla
  • Watch the starry sky through a telescope
  • Sing around the camp fire and bake corn and potatoes
  • Fall asleep on fragrant hay in a barn
  • Hike through valleys and hills
  • ... have a lot of fun in the beautiful Slovenian countryside :-)

International language summer camps for children